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Britta Schwalenberg
Britta Schwalenberg


She is beautiful and inspiring, clear minded and charming, authentic and surprisingly different.

She is fearless, that´s why skydiving, stage, television and always huge important life’s decisions.

After a structured and arranged childhood in Sachsen-Anhalt she becomes a squatter in East Berlin. She refuses strict obedience and uniformed regulations.

Being free is what she longs for and to do what it takes to move on. What follows is her applying for leaving the country. The departure of her comfort zone would resurface in her life.

She is a rebel

Moving to California. In Las Vegas she gets married to the US entertainer Irvin Doomes. She manages his business and even substitutes as background singer when needed. Til today they are good friends – he even performes on her next wedding.

Her heroes in life are always non-conformists and recalcitrants. She becomes Mrs. Thomas Berthold; her husband is a soccer world champion. For her he is one of the last knights of our times. With him she lives her  dreams.  Family, children, glamour, jet set. But she always remains an active woman in life: she works, she does her thing in front of the camera as an actress and a television presenter. And she continues her studies and starts to write. –

Moving to New York. She allows herself a time out, a break, and studies acting at the Stella Adler Acting Studio, one of the best acting schools in the world. Britta sits next to 18year old students and enjoys the creativity of this energy pool called New York. This amazing city is a great school of life for her. Her teachers are the Hollywood actors Jon Korkes and Alberto Bonilla. But most significant and important for her is working with master teacher Deborah Kym. This experienced Broadway star recognizes her potential and lets her perform on stage in NY.

Britta is her Lady Macbeth.

Simplicity becomes Britta´s greatest luck in life.

She lives in Manhattan, restricted and limited to the most humble things in life. Traveling light. Big madness New York helps her to grow. In her talents lie multiple facets - she wants to play strong, special, maybe crazy characters.

Conformism in life as in arts bore her endlessly.

Today she works as an actress, tv presenter, writer and coach.


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