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There is a little magic in every beginning. I am 15 and the theater means everything to me. Just to be around and to watch every performance I work at night in the cloakroom. Secretly I can sneak into the auditorium... Theater makes me happy.

At the same time I fall in love with skydiving. My mother is against it. Without her permission I make my license anyway to become a professional parachutist. Jumping about 1000 times, winning the German Junior Championships and studying sports sciences in Leipzig.

I know one thing - I must move to Berlin, the coolest and most exciting city in East Germany. I am dying to get more input and world events. I study acting in Berlin... 

...and get discovered as a presenter for a children's TV magazine. 

I always generate wanderlust and additionally I take Japanese studies at the Humboldt University Berlin. 

It is time for me to go on a long journey around the world...

Being back I work as an actor and television presenter for ARD, WDR, Kabel1, HSE, QVC, RTL Shop, Channel21 and TVSN Australia.

Working creatively I design my own fashion and jewelry collections to present them very successfully on television.

Time for a change.

Starting to write.

Anything is possible.

Becoming an anchor woman of the German news magazine DRF1.

Fulfilling my ultimate dream - moving to New York and studying at the famous Stella Adler Acting Studio.

Working today as an actor, author, TV presenter and coach. Living in Frankfurt/Main and in New York City.

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